Visiting NYC Public School Kids with the help of Behind The Book

This Month William is working with 4th graders in a public school with the help of Behind the Book organization.  The visits are in 2 sessions: a student writing session and a student art session. The students are creating their own picture books.

It was a great experience – usually I visit schools in an assembly or lecture type of event.  Here, I was an artist-in-residence (for a short period) and worked directly with students and their teacher in the classroom.  Kids are very engaged when a visitor to their classroom comes in.  The change of routine, the assumption on the visitor’s part that each kid has something to say and extended ‘project time’ helps build their confidence.  It also helps with focus and in this case of this project (writing, illustrating and making their own book) expansion of their writing skills.


Thanks to Behind the Book for this opportunity!