Me and Momma and Big John by Mara Rockliff

This review by Betsy Bird for School Library Journal is a real Feather in our cap!  Thanks to Betsy Bird for such a great review and the team at Candlewick Press for pairing me up with Mara Rockliff’s fine story.

Also, special  thanks to our lovely friend Sheri Lewis Taylor for going out on a limb, making time in her schedule and being the model for this book.

Excerpt: ” Low understands how a picture book works. Here he puts his prodigious talent to work playing a lot of the time with light. Early morning natural light, the light that bounces off a stone floor from a stained glass window onto a person’s face, or the white hot gleam on a roof that precedes the approach of a rising sun. It’s a beautiful piece of work made all the better by the hardworking multi-ethnic cast populating its pages.”

Here is the full review: Me and Momma and Big John by Mara Rockliff